Season 4 (new!)

Learn how to effectively manage your board and how to make intelligent investment decisions.

Effective Board Management

Smart Investing

More on Fundraising from Season 3

When is the right time to fundraise? How do you mitigate risk when fundraising? And what are the implications of an IPO on your business?

Lessons from an IPO

Bootstrapping vs Fundraising

Fundraising Lessons

More on Fundraising from Season 2

Learn how to choose the right investors, identify alternative sources of capital, and avoid the common mistakes entrepreneurs make in the fundraising process.

Fundraising from Large Institutions & DFIs


Strategic Fundraising

More on Fundraising from Season 1

Learn to identify the characteristics of a good CFO, manage your board, and allocate capital after a funding round.

Shareholders & Governance


Capital Allocation

Financial Decision-Making

Preparing For An Exit

Evolution Of The Role Of a CFO

The Characteristics of a Good CFO